Native American Culture Before Columbus

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APUSH 1st Semester Final Exam Study Guide 1. Describe Native American culture before Columbus The Native Americans had built several large empires that thrived in South and Central America that we based off of farmers who stayed in one place so that larger numbers of people could gather in cities. There were mostly nomadic tribes and small groups roaming in North America and there were few large tribes that ruled anywhere near as much are as those in South America. 2. Importance of the Mayflower Compact The Mayflower Compact was the first real European government that was set up in the English colonies at the time. These pilgrims had left England to run from persecution and did not even have a charter to settle the land that they had claimed, making it the first settlement that was not officially sanctioned by the King. 3. How did the English colonies develop- cultural, economic, and geographic The English Colonies were developed for cultural reasons even before they left England, they were finding a haven for their religion. They were also established for a profit as in the case of Virginia, the main reason it became a permanent colony was because it was a good area for tobacco. The Appalachians prevented the colonists from moving into the Ohio River valley. 4. Strengths/weaknesses of the mercantilist system for the English colonies The colonists were not allowed to send products to other countries or had to pay large tariffs to send them there so that England profited
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