Native American Culture : Pow Wows And Native American Culture

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Native Americans celebrate a lot of traditions but one of the most popular celebration is Pow wows. Pow wows are also a time to extend native american culture and preserve the rich heritage of american indians. According to the article, What is a Pow wow, “A pow wow is gathering for many different communities”. Native americans have a diverse culture. Some say that Pow wows stand for an “American Indian medicine man”. Pow wows celebrate people’s way of meeting together, to join in dancing, singing, visiting, renewing old friendships, and making new ones. Pow wows aren’t just started as a dancing and singing get together. Pow wows start with Grand Entries. A “Grand Entry” is an entering of all of the people. During the pow wow grand entry everyone is suppose to stand for the flags that are being brought in one by one. There are a lot of different flags that are brought into the arena. In the article, What is a Pow wow, “The flags carried generally include the U.S. Flag, Tribal Flags, the POW Flag, and Eagle Staffs of various Native Nations present”. The flags mean a lot to the Native american culture. In the pow wows the flags are usually carried by veterans. After the veterans come in, more important guest come in like the tribal chiefs, princesses, elders, and Pow wow organizers. These guests are very important when it comes to Pow wows. The next people following in line from the important guest are the men dancers, and then also the women. Once everyone in the line of

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