Native American Genocide

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Was U.S. Policy Toward Native Americans During the Periods of Expansion, Colonization, and Early U.S. an act of Genocide ? “To conquer a nation, one must first disarm its citizens.” - Adolf Hitler, 1933 Abiona Yemane US History Ms.Brown Section F Independent Research Project 4 June 2014 Introduction In August of 1492 Columbus set sail from Spain hoping to soon arrive in Asia, but a few months later he arrived in the Bahamas and claimed it as new land. He thought he had discovered a new land, but little did he know— or care—that this land was already inhabited by a group of Indigenous peoples called Native Americans. Columbus proceeded to take over this land, exploit it for its riches, and abuse…show more content…
The entire goal of the boarding school was to take a massive amount of an entire Native American generation, and change their overall outlook on life by educating them in the western way instead of allowing them to grow up in their Native households. In the end you will be left with a mass amount of civilized Native Americans, and not many of their generation will be able to keep the Native American way of life alive because they do not know much about it. This is a very effective tactic used by the settlers. It serves to kidnap an entire generation of Native Americans, and turn them into westernized peoples, who can be easily placed infiltrate a Native American community. Classifying Native Americans as inferior also allows the settlers to think that they are superior and need to civilize the land and its people. According to the Wicocomico Indian Nation “In 1623, the Jamestown Colonists passed legislation that indicated their hostility toward the Indians.” Many of the legislations passed by the colonists in this time were very hostile toward the Native Americans. Being hostile toward the native Americans and passing legislation on land they did not even own, are signs that the settlers began feeling more powerful. They felt like they were superior to the Native Americans, and needed to train them to act
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