Native American History

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How does the history of the Native American in the U.S. compare with the values that stand at the foundation of the U.S. (freedom, liberty, equality)? The Native Americans same as other indigenous people around the world faced up rigorous ordeals of history. The Native Americans still keep grievance in bottom of their heart against expansion of the US territories to their motherland in1800s, which subjugated their freedom, sacred land and heritage. Furthermore, history of Native Americans evidently expressed fascinating story about heroism, durability, patriotism, and way of life, in contrast, there were gloomy stories, particularly, forfeiture of their self-determination, lands, and fairness. It has changed my way of thinking of how the Native…show more content…
The forced removal of the Native Americans by the US government led to harmful effect, and caused incessant hatred from all indigenous people who lived on their land from generations to generations. Regrettably, the federal government mistreated the Native Americans in grim circumstances. For example, when the resources were found on territories belong to the Native Americans, they were not authorized from digging for it, according to related laws at that time. Furthermore, according to one of tribal leader’s historical expression, “They sold the right to exploit minerals and resources, but they never traded their land to the federal government”. It was also notably expressed by couple of native Americans during the interaction that resentments still exist at some point regarding land issues up to date. Moreover, due to forced resettlement of the Native Americans, particularly on the reservations with limited resources and the absence of laws related to the its resources led most Native Americans to grow up in an environment of poverty. From the basic observation in Montana, most of Native Americans perceived to be living either the lower middle class or working…show more content…
Surely, I was wrong about the perception on native Americans, particularly their remaining values and culture at some point due to the strong political, social, and economic influence of America. In addition, it was also valuable to listen all “from the horses’ mouth” what they think about their times past with numerous challenges and future of indigenous people, their own peaceful, spiritual, and cultural patterns. Nevertheless, there are some challenges for the Native Americans, both US government and the Native Americans are perceived to keep their ancestral way of life, while regulating and adapting to changes in the modern
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