Native American History, Tribes Of Native Americans

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Native Americans were some of the first people in America and their history has greatly impacted the way we live today. There are five main regions where the Native Americans lived: Northeastern, Southern, Plains, Southwestern, and Northwest Coast/Alaska Natives. Each region lived in different climates and had access to different types of food. Also, each region has multiple Native American tribes within it. This paper will discuss the Iroquois from the North Eastern region, the Cherokee from the Southern region, and the Hopi from the South Western region.
The Iroquois Native Americans are from the North Eastern region. The Iroquois consisted of five different tribes,but still shared a common lifestyle. Since this region is heavily wooded, has lots of lakes, and has access to the coast line. Because of the diverse surroundings, the Iroquois were able to farm, hunt game, and fish. The most prominent foods of the Iroquois people are cultivated beans, corn, and squash which is grown by the women, while the men hunted deer, rabbit, and fish (author, year, p. 116). It is really impressive that the women did all the housework and still had time to farm, while the men only hunted the game. As for nutrition and health, the Iroquois people were very religious and believed that disease and illness came from supernatural causes. As a healing ceremony, people called the mask faced dancers would come into a home to dance and chant in hopes of curing someone who was ill. If the person

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