Native American Immigrants Essay

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Indian European immigrants believe it as being different and inferior. Despite having achieved recognition as subjects of law, as people who are, even today remain one of the most endangered social groups in the country. They are an ancient culture that fights every day to not lose its roots. Often treated as invisible, they are not giving value to their way of life. They are American Indians. They have been discriminated as a population because we cannot understand their customs, and mostly all the time are being treated as citizens of second class, a segregated minority. The native Americans have been the most notable absentees in the construction of this modern society, they are a minority in the social attribution of power, in the decisions…show more content…
They have more respect for nature and life. The Native American people were deeply affected, their societies were remodeled from the ground, was altered its ethnic composition and degraded their culture. Perhaps they never going to have what they lose and was taken from them. Why we are still keeping them in reservations. Is the government who wants this segregation of races? Where in the thin line disappear the phrase “all men are created equal” today the only right that they have is the freedom of auto-determination, although the lack of capacity to govern by their own traditions and laws is limited, perhaps the reason is that we don’t know and understand them, and just for that we can denied their cultural identity. We know that the Native American have rights but in this country even the air have rights (environmental rights), but also is vital for the future of those Native Americans to be open to new forms of organization, education, and politics, if they want to survive. And one of those steps of survive is to accept people from other etnias, like the “Indian Self-Identification”, they must to be more open to accept others
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