Native American Instagram Post Analysis

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The Marginalization of Native Americans In my Instagram post, I briefly talked about how poorly Native American’s have been treated throughout history and up to present day. I was able to cover most of the “Big Five” in my post, however, it was difficult to include a “roadmap”. Many people identify as Native American, myself included, but this post is referring to those living specifically on reservations. The claim I made in my post is that “Native Americans are, and always have been, marginalized in our society.” This is because from the very beginning, they weren’t treated like human beings. I didn’t represent the issue as being “either/or” because it couldn’t be. I’m pretty sure everyone agrees that native americans aren’t treated fairly. This claim is not an opinion…show more content…
This said “While there are many activists helping improve the situation and casinos help bring in revenue, Native Americans are confined to 4% of what was once completely their land.” This isn’t a concession about whether or not Native Americans are oppressed, but rather if the situation is being improved. Many people believe that them living on reservations is the best case scenario, however, there is room for improvement with everything. I believe that this is a pertinent situation that must be addressed. Native Americans are our equals and are a first-hand look into the USA’s past. They should be incorporated into the future. I also did not include a roadmap. This was difficult to even consider putting it in because of the length constraint. I feel that including a roadmap would be crucial to incorporate in a longer, more formal paper. Native Americans are part of our society and should not be oppressed in anyway. They should be looked up to as people who cared for the land and was simply trying to protect their land when the pilgrims came. My post contained most of the big five and could easily have contained all of them if done on a different
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