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Native American Storytelling Paper Rashmi Price ENG/301 August 26, 2013 Dr. Gregory Beatty Native American Storytelling Paper Native American literature is considered by many as the traditional written and oral literature of Native cultures around the world. Many of these literatures are transmitted over periods of time by storytellers. This particular literature has many features that includes a mixture of oral tradition techniques along with tribal mythology. The majority of these historic manuscripts of the Native Americans is deeply rooted in symbolic and mythic standards. This assignment will focus on how Native American literature is rooted in storytelling. The selected text of choice for the assignment is…show more content…
The horses in the poem seemed to have had an exchange of power between Joy Harjo and her relatives for many generations. The image of the horse in “She Had Some Horses” was a very spiritual important image to Joy Harjo’s culture/tribe. The horse was a symbol of strength, power, and survival. Joy Harjo considers the horse as her own spiritual animal (Harjo, 2012). Being a Native American writer, Joy Harjo, according to the research followed a different path from her Western colleagues. The oral tradition of her legacy is very significant to her expression and poetic vision. In Joy’s poem “She Had Some Horses” she displayed the usage of chant form that showed her commitment to her Native culture and its traditions. Joy Harjo was a part of an oppressed minority that was mistreated and almost ruined. Many of the events that influenced her works were the concerns of spiritual, personal, and cultural survival. One of the ways of survival for the Native culture was through the storytelling. In “She Had Some Horses” was a mere reflection on Joy’s struggle to survive as a Native American woman in an intimidating society. Many of those events were important within this poem because it seems to have given a silent woman the chance to speak and tell her story along with a way for Native American women to make a mark in the eyes of the world as an individual of importance and value (Harjo, 2012).
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