Native American Reaction To Native Americans

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It has been highly debated whether or not the Native Americans initially had a positive or negative reaction to the foreign settlers that began to come in large waves to a previously unexplored continent. There are many historians who claim that the Native Americans immediately reacted with distrust to the new arrivals, and in some cases and to certain extents this is true. However, it has been shown that the Natives at first viewed the Whites and Spanish with curiosity and courtesy rather than initial violence. The “Indians” were very intrigued with the weaponry of the new peoples and the clothes they wore, as well as the language they spoke. They did not, at the time, realize the true intentions of the “aliens”. It was only after the grievances that were caused as a result of their expeditions that they began to react to them with distrust and hate. It has been shown that the Native Americans initially saw the new foreigners as objects of curiosity and interest rather than objects of wrath and destruction. This curiosity stemmed from many factors such as the clothing that the new comers wore, the weaponry that these people held and wielded with such confidence, as well as the language and culture which had never been encountered before. Initially each of the Native American tribes were very interested in the culture exhibited by the Europeans as they began to populate the Eastern Coast and the South Americas. Some of the most impactful ideologies that were not only
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