Native American Religion

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The Mandans were a Native American tribe located in North Dakota plainlands. They endured hot summers and cold winters and had many resources available to them.
Since the Mandans weren’t really nomads, their most prevailing kind of dwelling was an earth lodge. An earth lodge was made up of “wooden frames covered with packed earth” (A). When the men of the tribe left to go on hunting trips, they would take tipis as temporary housing. According to source B, it states that “the Mandan also used teepees as a form of temporary shelter when they went on buffalo hunts”. In addition to hunting trips, the Mandans depended on many types of animals as sources of food. When the Mandans went out hunting, they went mostly hunting for “bison… deer, elk,
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It states in source D that “aboriginal Mandan religion centered around a belief in supernatural powers that were shared by all living things”. According to source B, the religion of the Mandans was “based on Animism that encompassed the spiritual or religious idea that the universe and all natural objects… have a soul”. Another part of the Mandan religion is the Okipa. The Okipa is a “four-day ritual requiring lengthy preparation and self-sacrifice of the participants” (C). The Mandans used many types of weapons, whether for hunting or for fighting. Some of their weapons are bows and arrows, hatchet axes, stone clubs, and knives, according to source B. Source B also states that the Mandans also used “painted war shields were used on horseback as means of defence”. The leaders and chiefs of the tribe were always men, according to source D. The same source also states that “each village elected two leaders from the council of men who owned sacred bundles” (D). In one of the sources, it mentions that “Mandan Indian leaders sometimes wore the long Native American warbonnets” (A). As of now, only one Mandan leader speaks the language, according to source
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