Native American Sac Fox Tribe

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For this assignment, I interviewed Tony Easter, a member of the Native American Sac Fox tribe in Missouri. There are three federally recognized Sac fox tribes in the US, one located in Oklahoma, a combined one in Kansas and Nebraska, and one in Iowa. Tony belongs to a branch of the Oklahoma tribe, which unofficially broke from the Oklahoma tribe in the 1970’s following a dispute on the admittance of members through marriage or blood relation to the tribe. According to Tony, blood relation for membership is a hotly contested debate in many Native American tribes. Tribal blood laws, called blood quantum, is a fraction of Native American blood found in people. The Sac Fox tribe decided to require that a true member of the tribe must be 1/8th…show more content…
(This theory is very similar to the “one drop rule” to be considered African American in 19th and 20th century America.) The dissenting tribe members also saw this as the beginning of the end for Native Americans, as eventually there would not be enough tribe members to marry and produce offspring that could keep the 1/8 quantum blood. Because of this, a section of the Sac Fox tribe broke from the Oklahoma group. They are not a federally recognized tribe because there are multiple state and federal laws involving recognizing Native American tribes, including multiple tribal treaties that must be referenced. According to Tony, it is extremely complicated and difficult to do. So, while they are still officially part of the Sac Fox tribe, they are completely independent of each other, only sharing a similar name. Several members purchased acreage in southern Missouri, which was designated as their new tribal land. Tony said this land is lived on and managed by tribal leaders, which maintain it for tribal meetings. In addition to tribal meetings, the tribe holds a large tribal meeting in the summer, when all tribal members are expected to return for the large tribal meeting. This is both the annual business meeting of the tribe and all members, as well as a time for them to get together and celebrate their culture, as most of the tribe has integrated into society. Tony said that while this is a celebration of culture, it is not
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