Native American Slavery And Its Impact On American History

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Native American Slavery Slavery in the colonies was inevitable, but we seem to forget that Native American’s were the first to actually be enslaved by the colonists rather than the Africans. They were not treated as equals, nor respected, their land was stripped away from them bit by bit, and the only reason why they were not used as slaves throughout the majority of America’s history, was due to the fact that an unimaginable amount of them died from foreign diseases; that of which Africans had already been exposed to, due to contact with Europeans for centuries. Now, to begin, it’s quite obvious that African American slavery was deemed as more marketable in many respects throughout America’s history; due to popularity, prosperity, necessity, and the entire timeline of such an epidemic. But our culture seems to consistently disregard our nation’s first enslavement of an entire civilization; as if their existence was mutually respected by the entirety of the colonists, when in reality that fantasy is merely a lie. Native American slavery in regards to its history has traditionally been treated by scholars as a secondary matter (less than important in the grand scheme of it all) in that it is of historical interest because of its relationship to other more common forms of oppression, or also, because it was a curious but minor contrast on the more important enslavement of the African people on colonial plantations (Native American Slavery, by Michael Guasco). Historical

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