Native American Stories Of The American Indian Stories By Zitkala Sa, Momaday, Alexie, And Silko

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Throughout much of the history of Native Americans we can see a pattern of times of intense hardship and adversity in many different forms. Likewise we can see hardship in the various Native American stories of Zitkala sa, Momaday, Alexie, and Silko. However adversity and hardship are not necessarily crippling or damning, in fact in this paper we will see how the various problems faced by these native americans, be it the fictional characters in the stories themselves or the authors of the story 's actually empowered them and often times made them stronger people as a whole be it as leaders of their community or simply people to look up too. In this paper we will attempt to answer the question. Is it possible that a good can come from…show more content…
This choice she makes shows that even though she probably anticipates and eventually receives backlash from her family and community for choosing to stay at the school and further difficulty in connecting with the other students around her, she recognizes the importance of her education and remains at the school anyway not only showing a maturity well ahead of her age in being able to recognize when something is good for you but also being able to make the choice you believe to be right even in the face of adversity. After deciding to stay at the school, zitkala sa picks up competitive speech she is meet with further adversity when during one of her competitions she is met with a racist and bigoted crowd that unrelentingly harass her. However again we can see a admirable mental fortitude as instead of backing down from the adversity she instead faces it head on and goes on to not only participate in but win the competition. However the final and perhaps greatest example of Zitkala sa 's growth comes from after the story has ended and we look at her life. From these examples in the past already listed and our knowledge of the adversities Native Americans continued to face throughout much of her life time we
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