Native American Strength At Last I Kill A Buffalo

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Native American Strength Throughout this course, there has been multiple themes of survival in the stories. Before they were forced to survive other than their natural way, was when the white settlers came to towards the west. They lived peacefully in these lands for thousands of years until the settlers came. As these white settlers from afar became aware of the Native people, they brought on them unyielding beliefs that would soon cause major conflicts between the two groups. It was crystal clear that the settlers and the Natives could not live amongst each other with peace, because of their different views towards, religion, land, and respect. Destruction of the Natives way of living would engulf them in a survival situation they had never previously experienced or heard of. In At Last I kill A Buffalo explains one of many daily activities that Natives participated in their natural state of survival. The Lakota, and many other tribes relied heavily on the buffalo for their everyday needs. Not only was the buffalo prepared for food, tools, and clothing, hunting them served as significant turning point, in Standing Bears case of a trial of “the strength of my manhood and honesty.” In their culture the order of nature, was vastly respected and was understood that there was an order that nature followed, and in this they are one with the land and creatures walking on it. “Ever since I could remember my father had been teaching me the things that I should know and
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