Native American Tribe As The Kickapoo

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Kickapoo Location The Native American tribe known as the Kickapoo would have been more important to Illinois’ history if they would have stayed longer. The Kickapoo had originally lived in Illinois. They were later moved away from the states that they lived in which were Illinois and Indiana. They moved to Missouri after leaving their homelands (“Indians”). Some of the other Kickapoo chose to move southward, and the reason they moved is because they wanted to get away from the americans and explorers (“Native”). The Kickapoo that moved to Missouri were later forced into reservations in Kansas and Oklahoma (“Indians”). Some chose to just keep movings south rather than deal with the americans. The tribe had eventually moved all the way down into Texas and Mexico. This was as far as the Kickapoo moved south, but some of the Kickapoo chose to move back to other places in the United States. The others just remained in Mexico and Texas (“Native”). The Kickapoo were native to Illinois, but that didn’t stop them from becoming one of the most traveling Native American tribes in the United States. Allies and Enemies The Kickapoo however have less to talk about when it comes to enemies and allies. The Kickapoo did not all move away or get forced into reservations. They had been ally in two major rebellions. The Kickapoo rebelled with Pontiac and Tecumseh. The Pontiac rebellion came first, and in this one they were fighting against the colonists. This group
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