Native American Tribe

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There are three main Native American tribes in South Carolina. They were known as the Cherokee, Catawba, and Yemassee. The Cherokee was a tribe of Native Americans called the “real people” located in the mountains of South Carolina. They built two types of homes for summer and winter in their daily lives. Their summer homes allowed air to flow through to make it cooler, and their winter homes were built with thick walls made of clay and grass called duab to keep it warmer. Men poisoned the fishing water with walnut bark so the fish would float to the top and be easier to catch. Men and women were allowed to be leaders of the council to make decisions for the tribe. The holy man could be either men or women. The leader of the nation would be a white leader during peaceful times, and a red leader would lead in times of war. The Catawba was another tribe of Native Americans that were called the “river people” because they lived…show more content…
Native Americans were excellent hunters and used animal pelts for clothing, which the Europeans adopted to keep warm during the winter months. Native Americans also knew how to prepare the Carolina soil for crops using the slash-and-burn method. They introduced many new staple crops to the European settlers and some of them would turn into cash crops for the Europeans. Native American men would hunt and fish and the women would tend the crops, make clothes out of animal pelts, and raise the children. They also introduced new weapons and tools to the Europeans made out of rocks. One of the greatest impacts Native Americans left on the Carolina Colonies that still exists to this day is the use of tobacco as a major cash crop. Today, tobacco is a billion dollar business that has affected society in positive and negative ways by providing jobs for many people but also exposing them to
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