Native American and The US government Essay

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Native American and The US government The Iroquois Nation was a nation of five tribes, which was comprised of Mohawks, Senecas, Oneidas, Cayugas, and Onondagas. These tribes were originally separated, but later brought together by two Indians named Hiawatha and Deganawidah. Hiawatha seemed to be the spokesman while Deganawidah took on the role as a philosopher. These two men formed a nation where some of the ideas are still intact today.

One aspect that made them so strong was the way in which they governed themselves.
Women in their society were basically in charge, except for the Sachems who were representatives appointed by the heads of the Ohwachiras. When this federal assembly met, the Sachems voted as tribes instead as
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A written history was not looked at as being that important. The Native Americans don’t recognize time in a linear fashion but more of a circular one.

The old history of the Native Americans was one of war chiefs and cruel leaders with a blood thirst and extreme savagery. The older has more religion mixed in with it, as it should because the great emphasis on religion and history are combined. The Native Americans before the arrival of Europeans were a people with inner strife and conflict as well as accomplishment. They were on the land that connected them with there history and it was easy for them to pass it down.

The new history is one of forced moves from lands that connect the Native Americans to their history and religion. The new history is comprised of trade wars along with fighting amongst once friendly tribes. The new history is also comprised of sickness, which was spread by Europeans. Hopefully, new writings about the leaders who were philosophers and great peacemakers will replace the misguided views of early European history.

Life For the Native Americans was good before the Europeans arrived. The Natives live in harmony with nature and each other, living in an understood coexistence. Natives planted fields and hunted, while moving about throughout the year according to season. After the arrival of the Europeans, much of the native population died of disease.
Whether this was
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