Native Americans: A Brief Narrative Analysis

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Before there were dolphins the Indians had no form of transportation from ocean to ocean in order to communicate with people. They would have to swim in the smoggy, scary dark ocean, which no Indian ever dared. To begin, there were two twins that were part of the Indian tribe and everyone knew them by their names. The good twin and the bad one. John and Dave. John was the nicest one of the tribe, he wanted everything to be easy and comfortable for his whole family. In the other hand Dave hated every single thing and person, of the Indian tribe and would rather have them die attempting to cross the vast ocean than knowing that he helped them cross it. “Why do you always try to act like Dad,” said Dave.
“Oh come on, i'm just trying to do what is better for you guys, it's our job to take care of our whole family,” John explained.
“Ever since when?”
“Since dad died, he told us that was our job!”
Dave ignored John. John had always listened to his father even though father was really mean to them. He never once disagreed with him because he had been the creator of trees, land, and the ocean, where thanks to him they could have a home and food to survive. “Yeah, well I’m over it. Over trying to be an example for everyone,” mumbled Dave.
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If only they had a way to cross the ocean and meet people all over. Who knows, maybe there was a person just like him, that was actually thoughtful, and a person just like Dave, a person that was rude and full of hate. That night he went to bed thinking, he knew that father was always watching over him, he just didn't know how close father actually was and that he could hear everything the twins would talk about. The next morning John awoke in a panic. He had a dream of father who told him, you do what’s right and soon you’ll have the same power I did. John didn’t really understand what that meant at the
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