Native Americans And Native American Tribes

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The first Native Americans settled across North and South America between 500/1500 B.C.E, creating advanced and rich cultural, social, and political civilizations. Approximately 6-7 million Native Americans inhabited North America alone. In what would become the American Southwest, Native American tribes, the Hopi and Zuni, conducted a settled life for over 3,000 years. Hundreds of tribes were formed and the Native Americans lived in small villages. When the Spanish first arrived in the Americas in the fifteenth century, they forever changed the lives of the Native Americans. As time went on, more Europeans from different countries came to the Americas for different reasons, but all encountered the Native Americans. Europeans believed that…show more content…
In document 1.6, a Franciscan friar published notes about a meeting with the Aztec leaders, discussing their resentment and differences. The Indians resisted the requerimiento, which is the obedience to the Catholic Church. To the Aztecs, their religion was an important part of their lives and most Aztecs did not want to renounce their religion in favor of Catholicism. The Aztecs defended the legitimacy of their customs stating, “You say our gods are not true gods. The new words that you utter are what confuse us; due to them we feel foreboding.” The Aztecs praised their gods and thanked them for the things they were provided with: food, produce, rain, tobacco, gold, and other things. The Aztecs explain how these Gods have always been apart of their culture, and these gods are the reasons why they are doing so well, so there is no need to believe in Catholicism. “Will we be the ones to destroy the ancient traditions of the Chichimeca, the Tolteca, the Colhuaca? [No!] It is our opinion that there is life, that people are born, people are nurtured, people grow up [only] by the gods’ being called upon, prayed to.” The Aztecs believed that if they conformed to another religion, the local commoners would riot against it, people would forget the religion they were raised up to believe in, and the Gods would be upset with the Aztecs as well. The English founded Jamestown in 1607 (46) which rapidly expanded into an English settlement, creating tensions with the Natives. The
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