Native Americans And The American Colonial Societies

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Native Americans, English, Africans and other European settlers went through adversity in their plight in trying to establish their own identity in North American Colonial societies. Trade and land were two major components in the fight for power. The Native Americans and the settlers had turmoil; their biggest conflicts were deciding how to delegate land and control trade. New France wanted to take the fur trade away from the Iroquois Confederacy. The Native Americans valued the fur trade because it was their primary forms of trade at the time. Over the span of twenty years New France and the Iroquois Confederacy would have turmoil until they signed a treaty that made them neutral. Conflict amongst the settlers and the Native Americans were also present in Virginia and New England. In Virginia, Nathaniel Bacon led his people to use violence to push the Native Americans to the west; this conflict became known as the Bacon Rebellion. They wanted to utilize their land for inhabiting their community and for expansion of trade. In New England they tried to dismantle the Indian tribes such as the Wampanoag’s, Nipmucks, Narragansett’s, and Abenaki’s. This was accomplished through King Phillip leading the New Englanders into war against the Native Americans. Eventually, the natives’ supply of food and weaponry diminished greatly. After their resources declined many of the Natives left were enslaved or passed away due to illness. Even though the Indians faced great adversity
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