Native Americans And The United States

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Many people think that the African-Americans are the most oppressed group of people ever in the United States. That may be true based on the quality of oppression, but not the length of this type of treatment. The Native Americans have been the most oppressed group of people ever in the United States, and even in the colonies that preceded the US. From the early 16th century until even today, the Native Americans were and are being oppressed in this country. The cause was because of colonization. The Europeans colonization of what is now America led the Natives to despair and destruction. Before Christopher Columbus came to the Americas unintentionally and started to colonize, there was a “belief that the Americas in 1491 were an almost untouched, even Edenic land” (Mann 5). The Native Americans were just living their lives, until the Europeans started to arrive. The arrival of the Europeans put pressure on the Natives. They brought forth different religious components that had an influence on the Natives development on religion. At first, there was not much of an impact on the lives of the Natives. They still lived normally, living by roles that were defined for each other. The men would hunt, fight, trade, and negotiate with other tribes, while the women raised crops, raised the children, and took care of the domestic animals (Finding an Identity). The Native Americans lived this way happily until the Europeans gradually took it away from them. By the year 1585, the
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