Native Americans' Civil Rights Struggle Essay

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The Native Americans have come across long journey of difficult times since the occupation of their land by European settlers. There are still two sides of a coin- a world of civilization and a world of underdeveloped society in this one country- USA. The paradox is that the constitution which seems to be a model of democracy to many nations of the world lacks a lot for not acting accordingly. Those organized and unorganized struggles of Native Americans were challenged by the heavily armed white majority settlers. This history is among the worst American experience because of the massacre and the violation against human right. In order to be heard, they protest, occupy land, and write books. The Native Americans have raised several…show more content…
The Alcatraz occupation lasted for nineteen months.
The Alcatraz opposition was followed by another major event in the struggle of native America’s civil right at Wounded Knee south Dakota. In 1972, they requested the government for land ownerships, rights for their water and mineral recourses in their land, and for equality according to the constitution. This was followed by the huge damage of the Bureau of Indian Affairs-BIA. In 1973, the government came with denying the requests and then the leaders of American-Indian movement -AIM, promised to keep struggling (Kent 1769). The leaders of the AIM were Russel Means and Denis Banks. There were also some internal differences among the Indian-American tribes. For instance Oglala Sioux Tribe leaders were criticizing the oppositions. As a result, The AIM leaders were also critical to those tribes and to the tribal president Richard Wilson. They blamed Wilson for his mismanagement of his tribe’s fund. Wilson had responded with serious attack on his opponents and their families. Hence, the government supported Wilson and convinced as the leaders intended to size BIA on February 12, 19763 which was followed by 60 heavily armed marshals (Kent). As a result, on February 23, 250 people of Oglala tribe and AIM members agreed and broke on arm store to fight Wilson at Wounded Knee.
The Alcatraz opposition and the Wounded Knee struggle were among the turning points of the American
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