Native Americans During The Colonization

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Native Americans during 1785-1829 were affected by western expansion because of the removal of Native Americans from the land, white settlers attempting to assimilate Native Americans to their culture, and were involved in battles between the a Native Americans and white setters which led to the depleting number of Native Americans. Distorted perspectives of european settlers led them to view Native Americans as “uncivilized savages.”As the Renaissance reached its ending term Europeans saw their religion (Christianity) as an advanced culture. When Europeans arrived to the “New World” in 1493 settlers discovered the native inhabitants were bizarre to the new settlers. Further in time Settlers observed their culture and viewed their religion as evil and thought of the Natives God as the “Devil in disguise.” As a consequence of their perspective of their religion Settlers thought of them as animals, non-human and branded the term savages to Native Americans. Since Europeans viewed their religion as advanced setters thought of the idea of emerging Native Americans into the white man culture and wanted to “civilize” the Native Americans. Native Americans didn’t like the idea of being rooted to the culture of the Europeans, so Europeans thought of the solution of moving the Native Americans west so the native could preserve their culture. Furthermore igniting the reaction of removal of Natives Americans, conversion of culture and the war between the Europeans and Native
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