Native Americans Had A Variety Of Complex Cultures Essay

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Ami Maniyar (0322905)
History 150
Chapter: 1

1. Native Americans had a variety of complex cultures. Factor that lead to their like diverse culture, environmental change and difficulties to finding foods. Sources that brought to their culture with gain able food spring also with fuel sources, also that time was travelling were easier by river than land. They have equality of all maty cultures would include dance and song, the selection of communal existing. They were different types of tribes who were very close to each other with sharing cultured even different in many aisles. Today many native Americans slip up show pleasant was living in simplicity.

2. In North America, men were hunting an animal also doing agricultural and labor work. Women did food preparation and clothing production. In west Africa, men and
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Most English colonists came to stay in America. sometime after they succeed and then move back to their countries. In the area that they came to be known as new England, settler-colonists arrived in family group. They recreated the European agriculture economy and family life to extent impossible in colonists of the Chesapeake region and the Caribbean, which focused on the large -scale production of cash crops for export. The new world provides easy way to European colonies in Virginians export tobacco, thus they found to know how to produce. virgin exported 40,000 pounds of cured leaves by the late 1620S, annual shipment had jumped to 1.5 million pound. European demand for tea and coffee (Asia) and sugar. also, sugar quickly became crucial to the European diet. The first sugar grows in west indies.

2. Jamestown faced disease, drought, hostile Indians and starvation. Jamestown located in James river. James river water has salted water. That’s the reason people get die and get disease. The Jamestown expected to dependent on Indians for food but the reside of tsenacommacah
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