Native Americans InEncounter, By Jane Yolen

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We are an ignorant people. Considering that most of our knowledge about Native Americans is based on the “success of our American hero Christopher Columbus” it is clear why. History has painted it as though Native Americans are savages who have no sense of morality and are wild. So, more often than not, we either have this incorrect assumption or know generally nothing at all. Even though most of our information about Native Americans is based upon stereotypes we act as though that information is cut and clear. This is done without considering their experiences and the inaccuracies of our so-called knowledge. To combat these ignorance writers have taken it upon themselves to showcase the clear lies that history portrays and to display the experiences of Native Americans of the past and the present. This is done using things like satire, their personal experiences, and more. “Encounter,” by Jane Yolen, is a clear depiction of an author displaying the experiences of Native Americans in the past. Through the first-person account of a young boy, Yolen makes it so that readers get a feel of the thoughts, emotions, and actions that likely corresponds with that of a Native American. Thoughts that make it clear that there is underlying mistrust with the foreigner travelers, like Columbus, but also actions that show that kindness and respect are still seen as something of utmost importance. According to the text, it states, “Do not welcome them,’ I begged him. ‘My dream is a
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