Native Americans Of The New World

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The remains of Kennewick Man tell us that humans migrated to the new world in waves. The Native Americans of the new world are probably not the original humans there. Based on DNA evidence and skeletal structure (predominately skull, but also pelvic as well as other aspects), the remains appear to have come from persons who resembled a more Caucasoid ancestry. It appears that through openings in continental ice sheets, (Land Bridge Theory) small populations were able to migrate south to the Americas. While many of the prehistoric remains which are found appear to not be related to present-day American Indians, the two groups did share the same region, albeit, apparently at different time periods. Kennewick man, in almost every aspect, resembled that of a Caucasoid, but could have not possibly been European--He actually resembles Ainu of Japan more than any other human population. This is due to the fact that migratory routes at the time seemed highly unlikely, as the population would have to have come from the Bering Strait. Openings and migrations of mega-fauna and other available food sources appears to be the main motivational factor for humans migrating south along the pacific coast. (Clovis Culture) Also, as was shown in class, there could have been an opening in the continental ice sheet in the present-day country of Canada. This could have also allowed both food and humans to migrate south in a slow, non-intentional manner, or in a fast all-at once manner
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