Native Americans in USA

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There are so many things that have been influenced by the Native Americans. The Native American culture is one of the richest cultures in American history. The Native Americans have a history rich in struggle, aggression, and conquest. Out of the many Indian tribes of the past, none have been more interesting than the Cherokee Indian Tribe. The Cherokee Indians were originally located in the southeast United States (“Native American Culture”). This area included: the western sides of the Carolinas, the northern parts of Georgia and Alabama, southwest Virginia, and the Cumberland Basin. The Cherokee Indians have amazing art, dance celebrations, and a very vast and unique religious and spiritual belief system. The Cherokee Indians are very famous for their art. Types of art include: clay pots, carved pipes, canoes, masks, rattles, clothing, baskets, and beads. The eastern band of the Cherokee Indians has the longest continuing pottery tradition on their original land of any tribe in the United States (“Traditions”). When making pottery you first pulverize the dried clay and mix it with water. After mixing the dried clay with water, Cherokee craftsmen would mold their clay into whatever shape they wanted it to be. Some examples of shapes include: bowls, cups, and vases. Carved wooden paddles were often used to imprint designs and smooth the surfaces to make them waterproof. They were fired in pits of burning…
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