Native Americans vs Europeans

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In the time of the American Revolutionary War, there were many differences that influenced how our country turned out today. Most of the cultural differences occurred between the Native Americans and the Europeans that had newly settled in what is known today as America. Some of the most notable differences were those of religion, political, economic, and social. These differences divided the habitants of America in several ways and formed many bonds but also brought them to many moments of conflict. When the Europeans landed in America, they sought religious freedom and often tried to convert the Native Americans. The Native Americans as a whole could not grasp the concept of worshiping only one “god”. Native Americans believed…show more content…
For example, the Powhatan tribe had traded its corn with the Virginia colony to show that they were the more powerful force but this led to the First Anglo-American War (1610-1614). When trading with the Europeans, the Native Americans often contracted many foreign diseases; for example: smallpox, typhoid, and dysentery. These diseases were often to blame for the Native American’s losses during the early settlement of the Americas by the Europeans. The more people that the Native Americans lost, the weaker the tribe became and the easier it was for the Europeans to take over their land. When Henry Hudson sailed up the Hudson River, he claimed land from the Mohawk tribe. This was in exchange for fur, which established the Fur Trade. Producing only what the tribe needed allowed the tribes to be self-sufficient. The Europeans mass produced everything because they were focused on exportation. The Europeans would focus on one single product to produce to export but then found the need to trade with others to obtain what they needed to survive. An example is the production of tobacco. The tobacco planters had need for more land. They slowly took over some of the Native American land. The Native Americans got really upset and killed five hundred of one colony’s people. Some Europeans jumped the gun and decided to kill the wrong tribe of Native Americans and that used to be friendly tribe retaliated. All this
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