Essay on Native Americans vs the United States of America

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Times were very hard for Native Americans during the mid to late 1800s. The reasons for their afflictions could only be blamed upon the United States of America. For thousands of years, Native Americans had roamed around the Americas. There had also been many tribes spread across the West that fought between each other in order to have their land.1 It wasn’t until after reconstruction in the United States, that the white Americans started having ordeals with the Native Americans. The main tribes involved in the conflict starting around 1850 were the Lakota people and the Sioux. The relationship between them can only be remembered for broken treaties and wars. It is true that these tribes had only mind there own business for many …show more content…
It was then that in 1854, that the Senate made amendments to the Treaty of Laramie of 1851, that allowed the United States to build forts in the Territories among the Oregon Trail.1 The Indians would agree to sign it2 but the outcome would only be incompatibility. At around 1864, an Indian tribe known as the Sioux would attack these forts and start a two-year war with the United States.3 After the battle, in 1866, the council initiated Fort Laramie of 1868 that made peace with the Sioux and respected their land.4 From the first article of this treaty, the tribes would agree to “abstain in future from all hostilities whatever against each other.”5 The treaty would also make the Native Americans from the Sioux to recompense for any “wrongs” committed against citizens of the United States.6 The most important article was to respect and acknowledge each other’s territories. 7 In this case, they were to give the land of west Missouri and the Black Hills.8 If the Native Americans were to make any violations upon this Treaty, then the United States government would have to retain their promise to respect territories that belonged to the Indians. The Treaty of Laramie would be broken in 1874 when gold would soon be discovered by miners in the Black Hills. Unfortunately, the United States had to fight for it.9 However, in
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