Native Desert Of Cities By Join Robit Baitz

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Personal Critique (Other Desert of Cities) The play, Other Desert of Cities by Join Robit Baitz is a family drama. Other desert of cities is about a wealthy American family, who live at Palm Springs, California. The family is form by Lyman and Polly Wyeth who are the parents of Brooke and Trip, and Silda Grauman who is Polly’s sister. The dilemma about this play is about a secret that Brooke’s parents have about her brother Henry who supposedly committed suicide. The main themes that are developed throughout the performance are family and politics. Other Desert of Cities is a good production for a person that knows and understands these themes. This play uses a vocabulary that might be inappropriate for audience younger than 15 years old. That it is why the audience tend to be adult people. In general, this play is interesting because at the end of the performance the audience can discover the secret that Brooke’s parents have about his lovely brother Henry.
The fact that Other Desert of Cities was the first play that I saw made a unique experience in my life. I had the opportunity to appreciate this play at the Pacific Conservatory Theatre (PCPA) in Santa Maria, California. The parking lots of the theatre were almost full, which made me think that people were interesting to see the play.
For the first time, I knew how a theatre looks inside. I went inside the theater and I noticed that the majority of the audience was mature people. That it is why, I thought that mature

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