Native Hawaiians And Native Americans

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When Native Hawaiians welcomed Captain Cook and his crew, they began a journey that would lead to the crumbling of Hawaiian culture. After Captain Cook, missionaries continued to travel to Hawaii to, in their opinion, help the Hawaiian people. Native Hawaiians were viewed as savages and were seemingly given the best assistance from the missionaries. However, the help that the Hawaiians received led to them being demoralized and hurt psychologically and physiologically. In order to succeed, underdogs often need the assistance of others. However, too much aid from others can result in the help becoming the underdog’s Goliath instead of their savior. The Hawaiians, being thought of as the underdogs by the missionaries, were given an overwhelming amount of help which led to the missionaries becoming the Hawaiian’s Goliath. Before Captain Cook stumbled upon Hawaii, the Hawaiians lived in harmony with the ‘aina, or the land. They lived by ahupua’a, or strict land divisions that respected the natural landscape. Communities were created around rivers and water sources. The Hawaiians had a strict law system called the kapu. They lived with great respect to the land and believed in demi-gods such as Pele, the goddess of the volcano, or Mau’i, who was believed to have pulled the islands out of the ocean in order for people to live on the land. Peace and prosperity thrived throughout the islands because people understood that each individual had an important role and that the land was

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