Native Immigrants And The United States

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California During the late 1800’s to mid-1900’s was extremely unwelcoming to many of the immigrants including: Japanese, Chinese, Latinos and many other immigrant groups. Early Japanese immigration started around the 1880’s with the Chinese immigrants working in the railroad construction and as contract laborers in the fields. Throughout history many immigrants that migrated to the United States have been the feared by many native born citizens as being a threat to the American Culture and many available jobs. Even though the Japanese contributed greatly to California’s agricultural bloom and where a model to citizens, they were still treated as second citizens by the native citizens for this country and had been excluded from many opportunities being offered to United States citizens; the treatment was inhumane, working enslaved many hours and not being able to grow in business or increase the possibility of obtaining money Many Japanese had the intention of returning back to Japan before the Gentleman Agreement was signed in 1907. The agreement between the governments of Japan and the United States was that the U.S would lower their restrictions on Japanese staying in California and offer some protections granted to American citizens, while the Japanese agreed to limit the numbers of unskilled Japanese workers immigrating to the United States.
Because of California’s need of agricultural labor, many immigrants found work in the farm field of California. With this need…
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