Native Indian And Indian Language

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Native Indian is the pioneer of immigrations in America, and they created the earliest culture and languages on this land, and these heritages have influences for American deeply. In the 1880s, American government forced Native Indians to use English and abolished Indian languages, but native Indians remains some characteristics when they are using English, and linguists called it as American Indian English (AIE). Indian English has extensive influence from the speaker’s native language traditions. On the other hand, after European American came to this land, they did not have terms to describe many natural things in English. However, Native Americans have these in Indian languages. Therefore, some words we used came from Indian languages. For example, some vocabularies for indigenous plants (e.g., milkweed, pawpaw), animals (e.g., Otter) and pace (e.g., Mississippi). Thus, American Indian English plays a significant role in English variety. However, there are few studies specifically discussed Indian English and people have less perception of it. I think this topic is especially important in Arizona because there is a Native American reservation in Arizona. As a result, there are more American Indian English speech communities around us.
After read many studies, there are many methods for gathering data for Indian English analysis, such as informal observation, small group discussions, personal interviews, documentary analysis, and the participants are from different…

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