Native Indians In Native Americans

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According to most people, the Native Americans were savage violent people. They were practically animals, who lived in tents and yelled HOW! These are false accusations, actually very ignorant accusations. It’s not really one person's fault for our thinking like this, it’s what’s portrayed to people through books and T.V. It’s just the images that have been put into people's heads, but in reality, the Native Americans were smart civilizations that just lived a little differently than people were used to. People label and fear things they don’t understand. They had land torn away from them, and yet they are the ones labeled as savage and cruel. Indians, for example the Cherokees, were peaceful. The Cherokees didn’t live in tents or act like animals. They were a community and family that lived from the land. The Cherokees were very artistic and smart, they made pipes and music, they also learned how to survive and thrive in the Appalachians by making intricate trails. Firstly, Cherokee indians, were no different than any average society, just slightly different to what the Americans were used to. The word Cherokee, derives from the creek word “Chelokee” and it means “people of different speech”. The Cherokee actually had their own language, that differed from other tribes. They spoke in a certain dialect of the Iroquoian language, while most of the other tribes spoke in a Muskogean language. The tribes people were hunters and farmers, they grew three main crops, those being
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