Native Indians: The Captivity and Restoration by Mary Rowlandson

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As Her Role in the Society
The Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration, written by Mary Rowlandson describes the events that she was taken captive alongside a number of people by Native Indians. The story is written in first person; therefore, it has details on the happenings during and after the captives. Mary narrates her experiences and highlights her views of her captors and the Native Indian community at large. The narratives indicate Mary Rowlandson's position as a female in her society during her time.
Mary Rowlandson was a daughter, wife and mother. It is said that she was of English descent and was born to an affluent father. After immigration from England, she settled in Massachusetts (Toulouse, 2011). When her father
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The place of a woman was believed to be within the home taking care of her husband, the home and raising the children on a full time basis. In this sense, Mary Rowlandson fulfills her family’s and society’s expectations of her as a female.
In her role as a Puritan Minister’s wife, Mary, was a firm believer in the faith. From the first of the narrative, it is apparent that Mary has deep roots in the Christian faith. Whenever there is a positive development in her captivity, she attributes it to God’s goodness and mercy upon her. For example, she believes she has been blessed by God when her wound heals. When hardships arise, she views them as either a punishment for something wrong, she has done or the will of God for her life. Mary believed that God had used the Native Indians as a way to punish them because they had offended Him. She draws strength and hope from the strong belief that God is with her throughout all her sufferings under her captors. In their capture, some of the captives enter into a state of despair, which drives them to commit suicide. Mary Rowlandson looks into her faith and draws the strength she needs to stay alive. She credits God for keeping her alive and protecting her from being abused sexually by the Native Indian men. During her confinement, she leans on Biblical scripture and stories to keep her going. She believes that just as God redeemed Daniel, and Job, He would do the same for her. So deep was Mary’s
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