Native Language And Cultural Practices Of Multicultural Students

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Asset pedagogies seek to sustain and use the native language and cultural practices of multicultural students to assist these students in learning the language and literacy skills that are taught in the American classroom (Paris & Alim, 2014). What this means to me is that, we do not attempt to rewrite the native culture of these students, but instead, we use their native culture to enhance their learning of the American language and standards. According to McCarty and Lee (2014), we must not only sustain these cultures, but also revitalize them through our pedagogy. Their research focuses on Native Americans and the struggles they have in maintain their culture and language in the current education system where they are not afford educational sovereignty.

The most relevant asset pedagogies that I came across in my research are those that go beyond the liabilities of best practices and exercises the more realistic expectations of wise practices in the classroom (Davis, 1997). These wise practices take into account the practice application of education for each student in the classroom. I think that in the context of the multicultural assets in our classrooms, this means that we cannot expect these students to leave behind their culture to become more like the white norm. This white norm brings us to creating the category “other”, which is where all students who are not the white norm are placed for education purposes. Kimashiro (2000), conducted research on ways to
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