Native North Americans : Justification For Indians

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Native North Americans: Justification for Indians Throughout the history of America many people, and even countries have helped create the government and all the cities to be what they are today. Without those who traveled here in the 15th, and 16th century many of us wouldn’t be here now; living free, and comfortably with many jobs and opportunities for ourselves. With greatness there is always a downfall, but because we worship and thank early settlers we do not pay much mind to those who were here before us. We are so overwhelmed with the story’s that scholars and the government want us to know and read about in textbooks many lack the truth to how the United States was really made, and how terrible the early settlers treated the…show more content…
This cruelty they were put through went on for a very long time; it drove tribes apart, they lost their land and homes, and many lives were taken. Native North Americans did help shape America’s History, they went through so much for their people while early settlers were taking their land, animals, food, and even women. Many tribes are still around and you can visit many Indian reservations,legal designation for an area of land managed by a Native American tribe, throughout America and even learn the many interesting and good things about the Natives,and learn about their tribe and culture. Native Americans, also known as Indians, have inhabited the United States for a great deal of time even before the Pre-Columbian Era,”spread southward throughout the Americas and possibly going as far south as the Antarctic peninsula. This migration may have begun as early as 30,000 years ago and continued through to about 10,000+ years ago, when the land bridge became submerged by the rising sea level caused by the ending of the last glacial period”(Kennedy, Cohen & Bailey 2006, p. 6). Countless numbers of different tribes and cultures roamed the lands of America from coast to coast; they are the true ancestors of the United States. These Natives were known for their respect to the land and the people of the land, they thrived off of what mother nature had to offer, and they
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