Native Plant Study: Lake Doonella

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Native Plant Study- The area that Lake Doonella is located in has great vegetation and variety of native plants which gives the native animals and local residents a beautiful home as well as a lovely sight for tourists. There are numerous different plants in all different shapes and sizes that call this area home. Some plants even have berries growing on them in many different colours for the animals to feed off. During the field walk there were many trees and plants but the most commonly viewable one was the Scribbly gum. ( shown in .. (ref off iBooks)

3.2 Weed Study- There are many weeds located in the Noosa reign including Lake Doonella because of the multiple different plant types that are produced in these areas. These weeds may look like plants but they are interestingly not. They grow much fast then the average plant and can destroy many native plants. Even though most
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Organisations such as the NICA make sure that the green land is healthy and maintained as well as the Health of the mangroves. Mangroves are a very important part of Lake Doonella as they feed many animals and filter the water so the it's clear and clean for the animals living there. (Noosa Integrated Catchment Association, n.d)

3.4 Fauna Study
There are many types of native animals that live in the location of Lake Doonella. Although during the field walk there were not many visible animals, it was made clear that snakes and many animals live here, as during the walk snakes skin was discovered in the bush approximately three meters from Lake Donella’s shoreline. Insects such as spiders live here too, but don't usually walk around with humans around or other predators. Most koalas and types of birds are extremely native to the location. Sea animals were not seen during the field walk such as fish as they live in the water.

3.5 - Human Use
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