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Latoya Walker Terrorism (89) Movie Review On Native Soil What happened on September 11th 2001 was a tragedy, many innocent people lost their lives, and these people include police, firefighters, and many others. No one would have ever imagine that something so tragic could have happen, when all seem to be going fine with our country. September 11th has left a scar and on not just the families of those that died that day, but also the people across the nation. Many are still grieving over the loss of their wife, son, daughter, brother, sister, aunts, uncles and many others. The memory of this tragedy is still enlisted in our minds and every time September 11th come’s around for some…show more content…
I think that this was the way they got to scope out the World Trade Center and who went in and out of them. One the most disturbing part of this movie was the part about the al-Qaida associates and affiliates were in the United States taking flight lesson, this was disturbing because the” FBI agent from phoenix wrote an in electronic communication in which he identified his concern the al-Qaida associates and affiliates were in the United States taking flight lesson in which he taught there was a possibility that they were going to use this in preparation for a terrorist attack”. This FBI agent recommended plenty of things and sent this memo to FBI Headquarters and instead of looking into what this agent recommend, this was put at the bottom of a pile it’s like they throw it out like garbage. They didn’t even bother to look into the matter. The next disturbing part is how the FBI denies giving out the warrant to search the computer of a Middle Eastern man they arrest because they became suspicious about his interest to fly planes. Upon hear Condoleezza Rice saw that they weren’t given any warning that this type of thing was going to happen made me angry because so many clues was thrown their way, they had ample information at hand to suspect a thing like this was going to happen. How could the government, not know what’s going on in their country. On Native Soil was a great documentary, it brought tears to my eyes and also I felt
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