Native Son : Who Made Bigger Thomas?

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Native Son: Who Made Bigger Thomas? And why did he kill? “Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread”, this is a quote from the author of Native Son, Richard Wright (399). The quote speaks volumes of truth that should never be overlooked. It can be said that Bigger Thomas was destined for a mediocre life that could have ended him up in prison, although he eventually did. A plausible reason for his mediocrity was due to the fact that he did not know himself. On the other hand, Bigger Thomas may just be a product of his environment. A product of a system that subliminally did not want Bigger Thomas to succeed, and if this is true then a question is at hand. Did Bigger Thomas kill because of the system and because of the hate that he had or did the system force Bigger Thomas to kill? Bigger Thomas lived within an environment that systematically was set up to make the black community fail. Black people lived in a part of Chicago called the Black Belt. In this area, housing was overpriced, food was old and overpriced, and opportunities were nearly none and void. With this in mind it is safe to assume that black people were at the bottom of the barrel a far cry from the cream on the top. Seeing little to no success around caused Bigger to operate with a mindset that success was something achieved by the fairer skin. So robbing and stealing from other black became something of the norm because cops and officials did not care too much
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