Native Son by Richard Wright

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In the Novel “Native Son” by Richard Wright he uses literary elements such as symbolism and diction to allow the reader to understand the overall theme of the novel, which is the society’s belief that African-Americans are not equal to Caucasians. The author uses three symbols to support this theme which are Bigger’s weapons, Mrs.Dolten’s blindness, and the snow in Chicago. In many situations Bigger is often defined by his weapons, he uses them in every instance when he is afraid. While Bigger is arguing with Gus the novel says, “He stooped again and placed the knife at Gus’s throat… Bigger was afraid” (page number ) this shows how afraid bigger is to rob a white man but uses his knife to feel more powerful so his fear wouldn’t show. Bigger being afraid to rob Blums store shows how the theme is presented more thoroughly because Bigger’s gang had robbed plenty of African Americans but not Caucasians.
(Quote when talking about not robbing white people showing biggers nervousness) Bigger is not fully understood by anyone in the novel, no one knows what he is thinking or what he is capable of. He shows his true feelings about society by saying, “Mrs.Dalton was blind; yes, blind in more ways than one… Bigger felt that a lot of people were like Mrs.Dalton, blind.” At the time period that the book was presented, 1940s and the setting of the book being 1930s it was common for whites to underestimate blacks, many Caucasions had better oppurtunities than blacks

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