Natives And The Colonization Of Native Americans In America

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Being known that Columbus found America, still we all lack knowledge “Beyond 1492” (Axtell). Back in those time period Columbus came to America with period called Colombian Exchange which mean interaction between different people of the land. As stated by Axtell the Indians spent most of the conquest and colonial periods reacting and responding to the Europeans strangers and invaders (99) proves that it was the worst and firm time for Indians. The Europeans came in contact with many tribes of native Indians during their first contact. Initially, there was no mindset of making each other slaves or enemies as they were unaware of their point of view. In those days, each and every tribe wanted to be maximize their power. By that time Europeans had already explored the land of Africa and many other nations like Caribbean islands, Jamaica, and many more. Native American tried to ignored Europeans but they exchanged many things. Like cloth, metal, glass, and especially objects the seemed to “speak”, such as clocks, books, and guns, all impressed the Indians as worthy of respect if not worship, as were their makers (Axtell 101). For trading things, we need to communicate and communication became a major problem. Europeans taught few words to Indians. As Europeans came to the Indian land they interacted with many tribes also creating sexual contact with Indian women widespread many diseases like smallpox, diphtheria and influenza. As Indians were not immune to those their
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