Nativism and Racism after the Civil War

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After the American Civil War, immigration has played a critical role that was seen as a problematical threat on religious, cultural, economic, and political aspects. Due to immigration from Europe, the United States population increased exceptionally in which has allowed a diverse view or perspective in Nativism and Racism. Both of these ideologies have various differences with definite degrees being successful during the elements of American history. Elements contained by immigrant groups or policies such as the “Jim Crow Laws” or “Ku Klux Klan” have significantly reformed patterns within America’s settlements.
The term “nativism” is appealed for ethnic, religious, cultural or racial reasons. It is also referred as discrimination based on where you come from. The upsurge of nativism was caused mainly by immigration in the 1920’s. The substantial inflow of new immigrants into new regions petrified most of the population. These people were known as “Nativist” who are opposed to immigration. Nativists always spoke against immigration and used propaganda to persuade the public. If convincing others wouldn’t work, then they would use violence to threaten the immigrants who were here. Many reasons as to why nativists disliked immigrants was due to fear. Some of the reasons were economic situations since nativists believed that the immigrants would take jobs away from their residents or overload the government if they are unable to be responsible for themselves. Immigrants were
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