Natural Auxin (IAA) Vs Synthesis Essay

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Amy Hockstedler
Michael Christy
BIOL 2108K Lab
27 June 2015

The Effect of Natural Auxin (IAA) vs. Synthetic Auxins (NAA) on the Growth of a Corn Seed

Maize is a mass produced plant driving a large market in agriculture. Hormones, produced in effect of environmental conditions, lead to plant growth. Three successive experiments were conducted to determine which hormone (IAA, NAA, or ABA) is most effective at promoting corn seed growth. Based on the data collected, IAA was the most effective hormone producing more growth than NAA or ABA. Overall, the data collected during each experiment supported our hypothesis that IAA combined with GA will yield the highest growth (in mm) compared to NAA or ABA when placed under the same environmental factors (light, water, nutrients, temperature, and soil).
Corn, also called maize, is mainly grown throughout North and South America. Maize ranks third in world production following wheat and rice (Olaniyan, 2015). “In the United States, maize is a principal feedstock for ethanol production and is expected to contribute approximately 42% of the target annual use of biofuels in the country by 2022” (Woli & Paz, 2015) Its high consumer use has driven a large
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It is especially sensitive to frost and should not be planted too early (“Ideal Climate & Soil for Corn Growth”, 2015). Its optimal soil is a sandy loam (concentration of sand, silt, and clay) with a temperature range between 60º to 65º F and a pH within 5.8 and 6.8 (“Ideal Climate & Soil for Corn Growth”, 2015). If not, the seeds will not germinate appropriately. It also has an unusually high water requirement and can withhold 0.25 of an inch per day (“Ideal Climate & Soil for Corn Growth”, 2015). Signaling molecules produced in tissues that coordinate cellular reactions termed hormones are produced in response to these environmental factors (Gutzler & Brewer,
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