Natural Born Humans Research Paper

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In a planet covered with no natural objects, just a pure man-made Earth of the year 2127, exists a society that's not a single similar to the Earth of 2017. The population of human beings are divided into three sub-groups. Natural Born Humans are those who were born alive through the capability of reproduction of Natural Born Human beings as well. They are the rarest kinds of stimulus in the population covering just a 10% of the whole. Second are the Clones, or the human beings that weren't produced through the natural capability of a person to reproduce. They were those who stayed inside a capsule until fully developed into a human being. They were mortal as a natural human being is and they cover 40% of the population. Lastly, the Cyborgs. Often called as the metal beings rather than human beings, Cyborgs are those who were produced by combining all the products of high technology in able to create a fully operational Human being capable of thinking individually, and acting like a normal human does. Covering half of the population, Cyborgs were the ones dominating the society through ruling the government.…show more content…
Unlike how most people view them as pure metals, Cyborgs are actually covered in a thick layer of Skin-like Plastic with silk and linen underneath it. Perfect-looking humans that you couldn't even identify which is Natural and which is a Cyborg. Nonetheless, Cyborgs are separated into two classifications. The Military Cyborgs are those who fight for dominance and governance. They are cruel and unjust, being feared by all types of human being and they were controlled by the cruel government being reigned by an evil Cyborg producer. Contradicting to it, The Social Cyborgs were programmed to be friendly and kind to all kinds of human beings. They were befriended by many and they help the
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