Natural Characteristics Of Canada

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Natural Characteristics and How Humans Influence Each Other
Canada is a diverse country filled with various types of vegetation, landforms, climate, land uses, population, human activities, and different ways to rise the economy and natural characteristics. The natural characteristics of Canada influences human activities and vise versa. Canadians are shaped to live accordingly to the climate, mountainous landforms, and natural phenomenon. However, people change the environment through the economy, human activities and land use. As the climate continues to change, it will affect the Canadians and the natural characteristics. Every choice and event can lead to destruction.
First and foremost, the position of Canada is far away from the equator
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The grains, wheat, oil, coal, and lumber are the chief exports for our economy. The Canadian Shield, also known as the “Canada’s Storehouse Of Minerals” contain the majority of Canada’s metallic minerals. The Prairies are known as “Canada’s breadbasket” producing ingredients we use to make baked goods, including grains and wheat. The dryness of the land is able to grow this type of vegetation. Mining [oil, natural gas, coal and potash] industries are established in this region [parts of the Prairies are in the Interior Plains --- a landform that was created by erosion from the Canadian shield forming sedimentary rock]. The process of Calcification lie in dry climate regions like this one, it uplifting broken-down minerals upward and allow crops to grow. During the Paleozoic era, the first introduced single cell organisms were trapped during the formation of Pangaea; which became gas. Meanwhile, almost half of Canada’s minerals come from the largest region, Canadian Shield. The region is a mountainous region and once had glacials that eroded and expanded land across the country. The topsoil is scraped off and remains the bedrock. With a less area to search, it benefits those that are mining for valuable minerals. Since it is easier to mine and a way to rise the economy, higher leaders demand for more and more products. Thus, people vision our environment’s resources as…show more content…
Our land is mainly used for agriculture, settlement, and industries. We have land for agriculture to produce food for us to eat and to export. Houses and industries take up lots of land, it is used as shelters and production of products. Which the space remained for forests decreases year by year. The forest is a home for many wild animals and a where trees and vegetations grow. As humans cut down the remaining spaces for trees, the biodiversity of animals and the number of trees will drop. Through this, we can see that the use of land planned by humans often limit the amount of space for forests and often expands areas for settlement and
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