Natural Disaster and Horrifying Weather Essay

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Floods. Earthquakes. Tsunami. Heat waves. Landslides. Wild Fires. These are just to name a few natural disasters which can strike any country without a warning or it just pops out of thin air. Natural Disasters could cause many different effects to developing countries or developed countries. The Economic status of developing countries is gravely affected by natural disaster as these countries are ravished by debt, poverty in many communities and a collapsing social services system. If any type of natural disaster strikes a developing country the side effects can be severe or minor depending on the type of disaster or how big it was. Some countries such as Haiti, Pakistan, India, and many more are hit by natural disasters. It can get…show more content…
If a natural disaster hits it can cause house destruction lost of everything which could lead to extreme poverty in community even cities. The residents will have to flee their home just to stay safe so that they don’t die. They will depart leaving everything to be destroyed and having no importance anymore. When the residents of the homes come back after the storm hits they have no wear to stay since they homes are destroyed like a pile of rubbish. The only food, water or shelter they have from the first-aid they might get from donations people you get if they have pity on them and help them go through a petrifying time. You have now seen some of the troubling, and frustratation most developing countries go through just to fix their economy. The last obstacle a developing country has to overcome is a collapsing social services system. This is talking about the access of health care is harder and the expense goes much higher than usual. There education might be cut off with is many children they cannot cause of the lack of access to health care so it will not be possible to go to school. No clean water also can to an important issue if the natural disaster is a flood; earthquake, hurricane or tsunami the water can be destroyed and be incorporated to the chemicals all around the area which most likely going to contaminated water. So if drinks the dirty water you will most likely get sick lightly or sometimes very deadly. If you get health
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