Natural Disaster and Horrifying Weather Essay

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Floods. Earthquakes. Tsunami. Heat waves. Landslides. Wild Fires. These are just to name a few natural disasters which can strike any country without a warning or it just pops out of thin air. Natural Disasters could cause many different effects to developing countries or developed countries. The Economic status of developing countries is gravely affected by natural disaster as these countries are ravished by debt, poverty in many communities and a collapsing social services system. If any type of natural disaster strikes a developing country the side effects can be severe or minor depending on the type of disaster or how big it was.

Some countries such as Haiti, Pakistan, India, and many more are hit by natural disasters. It can get them ravished by debt severally just from fixing the damage it has caused. If a developing country is in the stage of slowly fixing the economy and all of a sudden natural disasters hit all of the funding they did would have gone down the drain. So then they will fix up the disaster such as: roads, building and other things. If the country does not have enough money to pay for the fixes. They will have to borrow money from a fellow developed country which can spare some money to the country so it can fix it economy. One year or so later the country had set up all the damage and it is going to it stage of becoming developed country. Except for a tiny detail which is to pay the money they had borrowed. So they might raise taxes or anything to…

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