Natural Disasters : A Natural Disaster It 's A Major Concern For Every Human Earth

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Mother Earth Learning and understanding the definition on what is a natural disaster it’s a major concern for every human being. A natural disaster is a major event caused by nature or natural processes of our planet Earth. The cruelty and severity of the accident is and will be measured on how many lives are lost, how much damaged they get from the disaster, the economic catastrophe and loss taken by the population, and how long will it take the population to rebuilt everything back again.
Many natural disasters will cause major loss, everything will depend on the cruelty and severity of the event, we know many lives can and will be lost in any major disaster. Depending on the natural disaster we may loss lives, suffer damaged to our properties, many homes will be destroyed by floods, hurricanes, cyclones, twisters, avalanches, volcanic eruptions and a major earthquake. In case of tsunamis many fields will be saturated by salt water and will take years to grow any produce or crops again, with landslides and avalanches homes are beyond repair and will take many months to be repair. All your personal effects, vehicles, documentation will be lost forever because of the natural disaster.
The major disaster in our planet
Earthquakes – it’s a sudden release of energy in the Earth’s crust that will create seismic waves.
Hurricanes – it’s a major storm with violent winds, it’s a tropical storm type cyclone that will have circulating weather counterclockwise over tropical waters.

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