Natural Disasters In Bangladesh

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Overpopulated, economically distressed, common ground for natural disasters, and an Islamic nation: Bangladesh. Misconceptions and pre-conceived notions are a human fault in the understanding of this nation-state. Although this country has its difficulties, the world does not fully understand the extent and the lack of its abilities and the changes that Bangladesh is making. Even though Bangladesh is densely populated it is taking steps to make a positive change, economically they are at a disadvantage but still growing, natural disasters can be devastating yet they find a way to use what is given to them, and a strong religion brings people together. Bangladesh has several physical landforms that creates its success, downfalls and beauty. The country has access, but no control to major rivers such as the Ganges and the Brahmaputra. These two major waterways flow down into the worlds largest Delta which is. The rivers are a result from the ice pack melting from the Himalayan Mountains and the massive downpours of the monsoon seasons. The river brings life with the obvious source of water can however cause mass destruction to the land, livestock, and people who live there. The rivers channel down into the delta that leads into the Bay of Bengal. These rivers are a significant part of Bangladesh the country and the people who live there, “The most significant feature of the Bangladesh landscape is provided by the rivers, which have molded not only its physiography but also
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