Natural Disasters in India with Special Reference to Tamil Nadu

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J. Acad. Indus. Res. Vol. 1(2) July 2012 59 ISSN: 2278-5213 REVIEW Natural disasters in India with special reference to Tamil Nadu A. Stephen Dept. of Ecology, French Institute of Pondicherry, Puducherry-605001, India; +91 9841890069 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Abstract Natural disasters in India, many of them related to the climate of India, cause massive losses of Indian life and property. Droughts, flash floods, cyclones, avalanches, landslides brought on by torrential rains and snowstorms pose the greatest threats. Landslides are common in the Lower Himalayas. Parts of the Western Ghats also suffer from low-intensity landslides.…show more content…
Every year, on average thousands of people are affected, a few hundred lives are lost, thousands are rendered homeless and several hectares of crops are damaged. Every year, Flooding in India affects Tamil Nadu and the other Indian states of Assam, Bihar, West Bengal, Gujarat, Orissa, Uttaranchal, and Maharashtra (Kuppusamy and Rajarathnam, 2009). Floods are the most frequent and often the most devastating. The cause of flood is mainly the peculiarities of rainfall in North east monsoon period in the state. Out of the total annual rainfall in the state, 90% is concentrated over short monsoon season of three months. As a result, heavy discharges from the rivers during this period causing widespread floods in the delta regions. Floods occur mainly in the coastal districts basin that carries 100% of the state total river flows (Ponnuraj, 2006). Cyclones Cyclone refers to a whirl in the atmosphere with very strong winds circulating around it in anti-clockwise direction in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. Cyclones are intense low pressure areas with pressure increasing outwards. Cyclones can be hazardous as Cyclones are normally associated with strong winds. A storm surge is an abnormal rise of sea level near the coast caused by a Fig. 1. Flood hazard map of India. highly vulnerable to Floods. The most vulnerable states of India are Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, West Bengal, Gujarat, Orissa, Andhra

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